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Cookies Policy

1) What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files or datasets used by Websites and which during your browsing are sent and installed during use either on your computer or on any other mobile device (for instance, tablets, smartphones, etc.), and are used for purpose of storing and receiving identifiers and other information in browsers.

2) Legal status of use and storage of Cookies

The installation and use of Сookies is specifically regulated by law 3471/2006 (in particular, article 4 paragraph 5), which incorporated the European Directive 2002/58 EC (ePrivacy), as amended, that is expected to be replaced by the ePrivacy Regulation. It is explicitly stated that upon issuance of this Regulation, amendments may be made to this Policy, in order to harmonize it with the provisions of the Regulation.

Furthermore, pursuant to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and law 4624/2019 “Principle of Personal Data Protection, implementing measures of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and incorporation into national legislation of Directive (EU) 2016/680 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and other provisions”,  it is allowed to install cookies only following your affirmative action (opt-in), i.e., your explicit consent. Also, in accordance with the instructions of the Personal Data Protection Authority, the above consent is considered valid only after thorough and clear provision of information to the user, that concerns installation and in particular usefulness, consequences of refusal for the user experience, purpose of the processing, exercise of the right of access and any recipients of the data.

3) Function and types of Cookies

  1. i) Depending on their type, Cookies perform functions of measuring page traffic, recording the number of visitors, language, time of entry, geographical position, device identifiers and so on. These are online tools for collection and analysis of information, which are collected during your navigation, from inside or in general social networking platforms or from third-party and partner websites. Accordingly, cookies may or may not constitute Personal Data, may become technically necessary for operation or serve commercial and/or advertising purposes.

Cookies assist in the proper functioning and easier use of the site by you, in measuring the traffic and effectiveness of the Website, upgrading the content, appearance and operation of the Website, adapting to the needs and wishes of users, as well as measuring the effectiveness of the Company’s appearance on third-party Websites.

  1. ii) Displayed Website Cookies are classified into functional, technical and advertising. Permanent cookies are stored on the respective device and are not automatically deleted when the respective browser is closed, while session cookies are deleted as soon as the user closes the respective browser. In addition, necessary cookies are defined as those that are technically necessary for connection to the Website or for provision of the requested internet service, i.e., they have as their sole purpose the transmission of a communication via an electronic communications network or are necessary for information service provision, as explicitly requested by the user or the subscriber. Displayed Website Cookies are installed by the Website and are readable by it, while if the Website uses external third-party services (e.g., Google Analytics, Facebook and so on), then their own cookies are also installed on the device, called third-party cookies.

iii) Storing or gaining access to the aforementioned information on the terminal equipment of each user is only permitted under the condition of his/her consent, after clear and extensive informing, as analyzed below (3). Cookies (as described above), the installation of which becomes necessary for provision of the requested service, are excluded from the obligation of consent.

If you choose to accept Cookies, the Website stores the preferences and information of each user (e.g., username, language and so on), so that during the entire visit it is not necessary to re-enter this data. The above information, which is memorized, is kept for a certain period of time, after which it ceases to be kept.

4) Cookies Used

Cookies are sent through the Browser and stored on the user’s computer as a file. Therefore, through the use of Cookies, it becomes possible to identify the user’s computer but not to identify the user’s Personal Data. More particularly, the Cookies used do not collect Data that identifies the respective user and do not gain access or knowledge of any document or file from your electronic device. Furthermore, the Cookies used and the Data in general are encrypted for security reasons.

  1. ii) Our Website uses the following types of Cookies:

(To be completed by the technicians with the following additional terms: Name, description, provider, purpose, obligatoriness, service, utility. For example, we may mention storage of search history and visitor preferences, improvement of functionality, collection of analysis data and so on)

iii) ThirdParty Cookies

Our Website makes it possible to connect to external providers, i.e., third-party websites or social media (e.g., Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter, etc.). Some of these websites or some of the social networks install Cookies by connecting through a relevant link or by choosing to share content, provided you have accepted the terms and conditions of that third party. Our Website is not at all related to installation and acceptance of third-party cookies and does not collect relevant data, and these third parties are solely liable. Our Website simply stores the user’s choice to activate the relevant feature. If you do not wish to install the above Cookies, you may choose to opt out of this installation, according to the procedure defined in the Policy of the respective third party. The above Policy of use is determined exclusively by the third party, hence this party bears the exclusive legal responsibility for said third-party Cookies.

5) Consent

  1. i) It is explicitly stated that the acceptance of Cookies does not in any way constitute a condition for entering and browsing the Website. So, each user is given the possibility to navigate our Website, accepting or not Cookies (first or third-party Cookies). It is noted that when accepting Cookies in the displayed table, a link is placed next to each Cookie, which, if selected, transfers the user to this Policy, through which he/she is thoroughly informed about the Cookies Policy, in order to make an appropriately informed decision about the acceptance of Cookies. The deactivation of Cookies and the information about this possibility is carried out in the same way with the activation.

See below the Cookies Control Table:

(Record the name of the Cookies, with yes or no fields).

  1. ii) Consent may be given, inter alia, through web browser settings or other related settings. Browsers generally automatically accept the use of Cookies, therefore if you wish not to accept the use of Cookies, you should proceed with the corresponding settings of your computer or your electronic device and the Browser, with the complete deactivation of Cookies. Furthermore, it is possible to set the Browser in such a way that a question is displayed before receiving each individual cookie, so that each time the possibility of accepting or rejecting each Cookie is given individually. However, it is noted that any deactivation or non-acceptance of Cookies may limit or prevent the use of some of the services or tools provided.

6) Erasure

If you prefer, the deleting of stored Cookies, both specific and all installed and stored Cookies, is possible. In this case, however, you may be required to fill in your details each time you navigate through our Website.

7) Contact the Company

The Company welcomes any comments or questions related to this Policy. In case of doubt, question in relation to this Policy or in general to any service provided, even if you consider that the principles defined in this Protection Policy are not respected, you may contact the Company via e-mail at the electronic address: ………or by letter to the postal address: ……… Any information or clarification we provide in the context of the above communication, in no way amend, replace or abolish this Policy, and is interpreted in the light of it.

8) Validity of the Cookies Policy – Amendments

This Policy was published by the Company on …/08/2022, and it is valid from the publication date, replaces all previously published Policies, as well as the previously applied practices regarding Cookies. The Company reserves the right to amend the current Policy, but at the same time it has the obligation to notify users about specific amendments within a reasonable period of time, during their browsing the Website.

This Policy is governed by the provisions of national and Community law, regarding Cookies, as well as by any applicable international treaties. If there are amendments in the aforementioned regulatory texts, we shall amend (if required) this Policy and the applied practices, for the purpose of harmonizing it with the relevant regulatory framework. In this case, the amendments to this Policy are explicitly notified, otherwise the above provisions apply.

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