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We are pleased to present you with offers for young travelers. We are ready to organize varied and educational trips for children, teenagers and families. Our proposals are aimed at expanding children's horizons, strengthening health, revealing talents, developing and educating the younger generation.

We organize in Greece:


In order to solve the Client’s objectives, we suggest the optimal format of the event, gather the audience and use the right event tools necessary to achieve the declared result.
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Greece has a lot more to offer than sandy beaches. There are plenty of country’s farms and agrotourism enterprises across the country and most of them are small and family-run. Some feature guesthouses or restaurants and happen to be the perfect places to visit for alternative, agritourism vacations.

By stepping into the role of a farmer for a day or a week, you get to know the locals and their traditions, while also reconnecting with nature.

It’s the ultimate farm-to-table experience!

Before you enjoy your meal, you’ll:

  • Visit the vegetable patch
  • Visit the orchard and the chicken coop
  • Gather the freshest ingredients you’ll ever taste
  • Cook & learn with locals

The most important component of the Company's success is the involvement of employees in a common cause, solidarity and the ability to work as a team. GASSI DMC team will help you plan your event down to the smallest detail and use your budget efficiently.

We offer:

  • Development of a unique concept and script writing
  • Selection and booking of services (equipment rental, catering, show program, merchandising and more)
  • Selection of location and work with the venue
  • Team building activities
  • Advertising production and distribution
  •  Transfers and excursion services
  • On spot directing of an event
  • Project control and coordination at all stages

Incentive tours are motivational trips of business and entertainment character at the same time with special goals and objectives. Thanks to our experience and creative thinking, we can realize your most complex and ambitious ideas.

  • Agricultural and eco programs: trips to villages and traditional farms to get acquainted with the traditions and lifestyle of the locals
  • Gourmet offers: trips to wineries and wine cellars, oil mills, bio-farms, awarded restaurants, various tastings and master classes
  • Regattas and sea cruises
  • Wellness tours: fitness & lifestyle programs
  • Weekend programs
  • Entertainment and themed events
  • Combined activities & sports competitions
  • Jeep-tours, races, marathons & much more

Our company has a many-years experience in organizing of events of any scale:

We organize:

  • International festivals, art festivals, competitions, concerts
  •  Sports events
  • Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, Carnivals, etc.

We undertake the whole range of services for organizing a large-scale event, from choosing a location and coordinating the site, from technical equipment supplement and technical support, to the smallest details of advertising and promotion.

The successful activity of the company depends, first of all, on the well-coordinated and motivated work of the entire team of employees.

Team building trainings are a powerful and effective tool for uniting and building a strong team.

We assist in the development, organization and implementation of all kinds of team building programs, different in budget and goals.

  • Active
  • Creative
  • Sportive
  • Historical
  • Entertaining
  • Extremal
  • Culinary
  • Of any other type

Greece isn’t just a destination for history, sailing and beach enthusiasts – it’s quickly become one of the world’s top foodie destinations. Food and wine tourism is leading the way with fabulous

  • Wine and food tasting tours,
  • Opportunities for cooking classes,
  • Visits to estates, farms and much more.

Depending on what you’re looking for, from cheeses and olives, seafood, homemade marmalades and traditional delights, there is a place or a route that’s perfect for you.

With 10 Michelin stars and chefs that are distinguished in Greece and abroad, with recipes that reflect a fresh gastronomic outlook that fuses a modern approach, Greece has created its own unique modern cuisine claiming a place on the global gastronomic scene and is sure to thrill the most demanding guests.

Greece is one of the world’s oldest wine-growing regions, something you’ll learn all about while visiting wineries that have invested money and love into creating excellent wines as well as offering vineyard tours and wine-tasting experiences.

Discovering local grape varieties and meeting winegrowers will be the highlight of any wine lover’s holiday.

In our services you can choose to visit and tour

  • In wineries & vineyards,
  • Wine bars & wine showrooms,
  • Wine festivals & events,
  • Wine tasting & buying wine and spirits

We invite you to explore the creative realms Greek food & wine pairing and enjoy it in the finest environments and carefully designed spaces with amazing views that will definitely enthuse you!

Gassi DMC creates, implements and accompanies CSR events for those companies aiming at socially responsible business and consequently making their brand stronger.

We organize:

  • Charity auctions
  • Ecological tours
  • Projects on protection of vulnerable social groups
  • Educational projects
  • Sport tournaments

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