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Holidays at sea are always vivid impressions, and if you have a charter yacht at your disposal, then this is a real paradise adventure!

Today, boat rental is a popular form of recreation that is available to both experienced sailors and travelers who are going to sea for the first time.

You can go on this exciting adventure with your friends, your family, or colleagues. Depending on your experience, you can rent a yacht with or without a skipper, and if you want to completely get rid of everyday problems, use the services of a hostess who will cook delicious meals for you and keep order on the ship

Sailing Yachts

Sailing yachts are perfect for family and active leisure. This category of vessels is characterized by a special philosophy of life at sea: the speed is not important, while the contact with the sea, wind and nature is what matters. Short distances between mooring points allow you to have enough time during the day to enjoy sailing, swimming in some picturesque bay and to stop for the night stop in a place you like.


If you want to make a sea voyage with maximum comfort, then renting a catamaran is an excellent choice. A catamaran is a real houseboat with wide cabins, an open saloon with excellent conditions for a good rest. You can comfortably sit on the bow of this double-hull vessel to sunbathe and admire nature, sitting on a trampoline. It also has a galley kitchen, so you can always cook home-cooked meals in between marina restaurants. This safe and peaceful holiday is especially suitable for those traveling with family, friends or children.

Mega Yachts

By renting a luxury yacht for your cruise, you will get an unforgettable experience and a high level of service. Each mega yacht is manned by a professional team of skipper, hostess and chef who do their job to the highest standard without disturbing your privacy, allowing you to enjoy a complete vacation. Before departure, you can create an individual menu, order additional services, and choose the desired route for your cruise. A motor yacht is one of the most luxurious and exclusive vacations imaginable. Complete freedom, independence, and privacy of your travel.

5 reasons to charter a yacht in Greece

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