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Attica peninsula – a small triangle at the edge of Central Greece – world widely known; dominated by famous Athens, surrounded by its small satellite -like cities.

From a distance, or top Athens looks like individual city , and sometimes , thanks to the magic of sunlight reflecting off hundreds of thousands of its windows , like a sea of shimmering reflections.

From distance, city seems rather impersonal. Yet, it is worth discovering its small charms that immediately captivate you. You can easily make a trip back in time with a walk around few archaeological sites and historical places. If, in addition, you are somewhat familiar with the history of Athens, you will tremble. Treading in the footsteps of thousands of ancestors, walking on the ground, where they had walked, you feel unique sensations. And, knowing that this is probably the only capital city where you can experience the vibrant nightlife, and then, just a few kilometers away, swim in the beautiful sea, the combination of all this make anyone fall in love with this city even more.

Athens it is. Distant, yet, addictive – never leaving mistress. Hidden beauty, yet, opens up at the gaze of your eyes – a variety that fascinates. It is the already familiar grey face of the city that will let you discover Athens.

Athens (Αθήνα) – the capital of Greece, Attica prefecture, county of Athens. Athens is the economic, cultural and administrative center of the country.

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