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Welcome to Pieria, the homeland of the 12 ancient Greek Gods and Muses of mythology to offer a unique holiday experience with a plethora of archaeological sites and monuments, a long coastline with sandy beaches, the world known Mount Olympus, rare flora and fauna among, valleys, rivers, waterfalls as well as castles, churches and monasteries, the area offers a serene and delightful stay.

Visit the holy city of Ancient Dion to find out where Alexander the Great used to make his sacrifices, of the Byzantine Castle of Platamon as a snapshot of the million year history of Pieria. The Mount Olympus dominating the whole area is ideal for ski, nature and mountain lovers, to offer breathtaking experiences, while the Olympic Riviera situated right on the holy mountain’s foot, is ideal for all shorts of vacation suitable for all age groups. Zeus Xenios, the god of hospitality is apparent in every corner of this mythical area with numerous luxury hotels with conference facilities, spa resorts and traditional hotels, offering a wide range of sports facilities along with ecotouristic excursions around the area.

Pieria is an ideal destination for all year round tourism, with a highly visited ski centre, scenic spots for mountain climbing, horse riding and outdoor activities along with wonderful beaches ideal for water sports. Ecotourism is at its best at this legendary mountain, established by UNESCO as a global biosphere monument, to host hundreds of rare species within its biodiversity. Pieria is also a destination for religious tourists to follow the steps of Apostle Pavlos or visit some of the countless Byzantine churches and monasteries. The wine roads of the area add to the countless options of Pieria to make the most unforgettable holidays.

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