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Rhodes has a long and impressive history; it’s a place where the strong mediaeval aspect blends with the traditional Greek one. It is also an island with great natural beauty: the lovely beaches face the pine woods on the mountainsides; the mountain villages overlook the seaside towns; and the archaeological sites, the mediaeval monuments and the cosmopolitan resorts arranged in the traditional style all conspire to make the popularity of this destination so hard to resist, even to a demanding traveller.

This Mediterranean gem of an island boasts a centuries-old history: a turbulent past full of unexpected turns and twists of fate. It flourished during the 4th c. BC; this is when the famous Colossus of Rhodes, a gigantic statue sculpted by Charis from Lindos, Rhodes, who was a student of Lysippos, a master sculptor at the time. The history of this island is a rich one, as each conqueror left their strong mark on it.
Follow us on a time travelling experience around the Mediaeval town, and learn the stories about the Knights of St. John, who ruled the island from the 14th to the 16th c.. Next, we’ll take you on a tour around Rhodes’ amazing countryside.

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