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The island of Thassos is fascinating, green, amazingly blue, picturesque and unpredictable.  It is an island, which has inspired great painters and sculptors, famous orators and sportsmen, seafarers and romantics, who would find on the island their purpose and destiny.  Its land is covered with dense forests, where exotic black pine trees and wonderful fir trees grow.  The variety of colors and pictures, blue sea views and white house walls, the deep green of the forests and the marble shining of the rocks…  Wonderful beaches, secret caves and cozy bays – Thassos offers an endless variety of discoveries for travelers!  More secrets are added by history itself: Herodotus mentions some “natural gold” hidden in the depths of the island.  Up until now it has not been found, so everyone coming to the island has equal chances to find the endless treasures of Thassos.  In any case, it is a win-win situation: since this Greek island is in itself a treasure more expensive than gold.  Discover for yourself the endless natural riches of Thassos!  Among the pleasant additions there are local fruits, honey, olive oil and wine known not only in Greece but in the whole world.

According to the Greek mythology, the first resident of the island bore the name, which was later given to the island itself: “Thassos should be named after Thassos, the son of Poseidon…”  According to another version, Herodotus wrote that Thassos was a son, or a grandson of Aginor, the king of Phoenicia, who ended up here in search of his beloved Europe kidnapper by Zeus.

The capital of the island – Limenas or Thassos – represents a pleasant town ideal for those who want touristic activity as well as for the lovers of solitude.  It is nice to travel around the island by bus or by car, switching from sea views to small villages, from golden beaches (Paradisos, Aliki, Skala Potamias etc) to mountain landscapes.  If you go away from the coast, in the depth of the island you will find picturesque villages, where hospitable residents are always happy to see a foreigner and rush to treat him to tasty fruits, or a cup of coffee, or a glass of house liquor.  The local cuisine is beyond competition; it represents the true triumph of the Mediterranean gastronomy.

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